17th June 2008


I’m shuttering the blog for good.

There are two years’ worth of blog archives covering the making of the book, as well as plenty of other geek stuff.

It’s been a lot of fun documenting this journey, and I thank you for reading.


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12th June 2008

Reminder: Father’s Day is Sunday!

A lot of guys in the hobby are dads themselves, but let’s not forget our own fathers, dads, pops, da-das, daddies, or whatever dumb name you called your old man.

I always called my dad “Ray.”

Long story.

Forgot? No problem. Send dad an Amazon Gift Certificate. They’re cool, plus you support WorldsGreatestToys. Woo-hoo!


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10th June 2008

1977 Mego Giveaway!

Neato Coolville has posted a fun blog showing a vintage ad, a 1977 promotion between 16 Magazine and Mego.

Check out the blog!

Neato Coolville


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20th May 2008

I Have A Ghost? Really?!

I am, most definitely, a skeptic. I don’t believe in anything beyond the tangible world, including ghosts, reincarnation, magic, voodoo or religion.

That said, certain events, which started last week, have me second-guessing my beliefs. Individually, these events are fairly innocuous, but combined in such a compressed manner… I just don’t know. Thus far:

Tuesday, May 12, Mid-afternoon: In my office, my desk faces my co-worker, Millie. There is a large window on the wall to my left (Millie’s right), which has Venetian blinds. My peripheral vision catches a group of approximately three blinds moving enough to allow additional light into the room. I immediately look to Millie, who says, “Yeah, I saw that.” We laugh at the strange occurrence.

No explanation.

Wednesday, May 13-May 19: I was on vacation in NYC from last Wednesday until yesterday. Nothing strange happened in New York — or on my first day back at work yesterday (Monday).

Tuesday, May 20 (today): Late morning: I feel something brush against my leg. It reminds me of my cat, Rocket, giving me ‘love dive bombs.’ Ignoring the sensation, I immediately feel it again… bear in mind the sensation is passing through thick blue jeans! Startled, I look down but find nothing.

No explanation.

Returning from lunch, I open the heavy glass door to our office building and begin the long ascent (30+ stairs) to the second floor where my office is located. Near the top steps, I am compelled to turn around (not sure if I heard a sound, but my turning is involuntary). I find that the door at the bottom of the stairs is almost fully open, just beginning to close… typically, by the time I climb the stairs, the door is fully closed.

No explanation.

Arriving home from work tonight, I settle in to browse the Web and answer Email. My cell phone rings, and I immediately recognize the caller as my own cell phone. The number listed is not my name, but rather the actual number (which I will not post here), complete with area code. Hesitantly, I answer the phone. I hear a small ‘wooshing’ sound, and the call ends. I immediately check my “Recent Calls” directory, and find no record of any call.

No explanation.


I’m almost creeped out. Almost.

More if it occurs.

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17th April 2008

My R2-D2 Trash Can!

R2-D2My brother and sister sent me the coolest birthday present: an R2-D2 trash can!

You step on his… ummm… ‘third leg’ to activate the lid.

Just too cool, and looks great in the office.

Thanks for the awesome present, guys!


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21st March 2008

L’il Batman’s Tour (Video)

This is a cute video with great super-hero costumes. It makes me want to visit Six Flags in Massachusetts!

I really love how seriously the actors portraying Justice League super-heroes take their roles!

Also, that Wonder Woman is some kinda gorgeous.


Links: Youtube Above Video

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18th March 2008

Pop Culture Embroidery


KnittingFrau Jillian (author of Big Girl Knits and the forthcoming More Big Girl Knits) sent this nod to Jared (”Effing”) Brown, a master embroiderer who creates wicked pop culture embroidery.

Link: Article on Craftzine.com
Link: Jared’s Work (Flickr)
Link: Knittingfrau’s BLog

Very cool!


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10th March 2008

Comments Now Open!

Let’s Talk About It!

I’ve opened the Comments section again. I had some problems with SPAM in the past, but that seems to have died down considerably.

Feel free to post your thoughts now! Be aware, all Comments must be approved before publishing (in order to weed out any evil SPAM), so it may take a few hours for any comments to appear.

Thanks very much. I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


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8th March 2008

Kotobukiya Panel Added to Wizard World L.A.!

Boba Fett Earlier today, Wizard World Los Angeles announced that Kotobukiya, Japan’s number one toy company, will be hosting a special panel at 11 a.m. next Saturday (March 15) in Room 304, showcasing an exciting new line of statues.

The panel, to be presented by Kotobukiya’s Frank Supiot and moderated by ToyFare Editor Zach Oat, promises to give fans a first look at the manufacturer’s Marvel Comics line, including statues based on characters from the upcoming “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” movies.

Additionally, the panel will look at other statues from their amazing Star Wars, DC Comics, and other, random anime and video game licenses.

“This Kotobukiya panel is an amazing addition to our already jam packed weekend of events,” said Wizard’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Joe Yanarella. “Our fans are sure to love the sneak peek at what the amazing designers at Kotobukiya have in store for their 2008 product line.”

About Kotobukiya

With over 50 years experience in the toy industry, Kotobukiya has grown into Japan’s number one collector toy company, with a peerless reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Many international fans first learned of Kotobukiya from the famous line of Final Fantasy merchandise, and more recently, collectors have been thrilled by Kotobukiya’s high end line of Star Wars and Batman ARTFX Statues.

For more Kotobukiya Star Wars goodness, visit the company’s official Web site.


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7th March 2008

MySpace Millie Meets Mark’s Mego

The other day, I mentioned my office-building “Mego mate,” Mark. Today, Mark stopped by our office to show off his new custom Mego Batman. We gabbed about Mego, Sandy Collora’s “Dead End,” and work we had to do.

My co-worker Millie always joins in on our nerd-fest. Millie runs the official Mego book MySpace page. Millie Rules.

Here she is, checking out Mark’s latest acquisition:



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