4th March 2008

MC Esoteric vs. Gary Numan (General Zod)


Seamus Ryan (AKA MC Esoteric) is a breakbeat producer and MC. He’s also a toy geek who makes really strange but amusing videos on Youtube, most of which feature vintage Mego and other action figures.

My favorite video is called “MC Esoteric vs. Gary Numan (General Zod)” and features Gary Numan’s brilliant “We Have a Technical” as the track’s backdrop. I love the samples, including (of course) Terrence Stamp’s General Zod.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but you can check it our yourself, above. If the video dosn’t play back properly, you can also visit Youtube to watch Esoteric slay them whacks and lay mad tracks on wax.


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23rd January 2008

Top 10 Song List: January 2008

Here’s what I’m listening to, which, by my own definition, is pretty cool:
1) Diana Krall, Just The Way You Are (Live in Paris, 2002)
2) John Lennon, Mind Games (John Lennon Collection, 1973)
3) The Beautiful South, Should’ve Kept My Eyes Shut (Choke, 1990)
4) The Lightning Seeds, The Life of Riley (Eponymous, 1992)
5) Marty Willson-Piper, O’Stockholm (Spirit Level, 1992)
6) The Creatures, Standing There (Boomerang, 1989)
7) Milla [Jovovich], Gentlemen Who Fell (The Divine Comedy, 1994)
8) Ice-T, Grand Larceny (Power, 1988)
9) The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo (London Calling, 1979)
10) 10,000 Maniacs, Verdi Cries (In My Tribe, 1987)
What are you listening to?

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