15th May 2008

Mego Price Stickers: Child World and Children’s Palace!

Yesterday, we looked at two different Children’s Palace stickers.

At the end of the 1970s, Children’s Palace merged with Child World. During this period, both retailers purchased large amounts of ©1979 carded Mego Super-Heroes, originally intended for French distributor Pin Pin Toys to sell into the European market. Apparently ordered by an “overzealous European buyer,” according to Mego vice president Neal Kublan, the majority of these toys were returned to the United States.

Many of these “2nd Issue” carded heroes bear an item number with “/F” (presumably denoting “France” or “French”), as well as an applied (legally required) English-language ‘Age Labeling’ sticker, which reads “Recommended for ages three and up.”

Here are two examples of such Pin Pin Spider-Man cards, sold through the merged Child World/Children’s Palace stores:

Child World/Children's Palace

The stickers bear identical information, with the exception of the numbers “52″ and “71,” presumably a reference to the store or region that sold the figures.

Do you have any price stickers you want to share? Any recollections of buying Mego toys from Child World or Children’s Palace? Post your comments below. I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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