2nd April 2008

Aquaman Shrine: Interview with Paul Levitz

I absolutely adore Aquaman. As a child, I had more Mego Aquaman figures than any other character; ruined every one of ‘em in the bathtub. Inexplicably, my mom kept on replacing them.

As a friend of the constantly-dissed Aquaman (or “F.O.A.M.” as Rob dubbed us few and proud), there is no better treat in the world than Rob Kelly’s incredible Aquaman Shrine, a “daily devotional” blog dedicated to the proverbial King of the Seven Seas.

I am entertained by every one of Rob’s blogs, and I plan to call out the articles I find especially exciting.

Aquaman Shrine

For example, check out this goodness: Rob just scored a major interview, publishing a fascinating interview with DC Comics’ President and Publisher, Paul Levitz. Way to go, Rob!


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