29th July 2009

Compare-and-Contrast 8″ WGSH: Vintage Mego & Modern Mattel

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Green Arrow Comparison A quick animation, comparing two head sculpts: Mego’s Vintage 8″ Green Arrow, and Mattel’s Modern 8″ Green Arrow.

Focus on: 1) Beard (Mattel will shorten the beard, considerably); 2) Sideburns (Mattel will shorten the beard, considerably) and; 3) Pupils (need I say more?!).

Ain’t it funny: Fashion is ever-evolving (yet CLEARLY cyclical). What was hip then is not hip right now. Conversely, what is hip NOW would surely not have been hip THEN.

It’s a big round wheel: What is hip RIGHT NOW will be passe for about 20 years. But don’t fret: Whatever is hip RIGHT NOW will become hip again… in approximately 2029!


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