14th July 2009

Kudos, Long Overdue: Roberto Ligotti

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I am going through old Emails tonight, and I came across something too good not to share.

Here’s the background: Back in summer ‘06, I hit the proverbial wall trying to publish this book. Things went south with the first publisher that offered me a contract, and I thought the sky was falling. I wrote a couple of cryptic Blogs about my broken heart. The first was “Bad Day” from August 9, 2006. Realizing things were grim, I posted another rant two days later: “I have been offered a publishing contract” from August 11, 2006:

After posting these two “woe is me” Blogs, I got this amazing Email from fellow Mego-head, Roberto:

[August 12, 2006 8:14am]

Hey Benjamin,

Don’t know if you’ve tried this publisher yet:


When you hit “contact us” on the homepage there’s even a phone number to call them and actually get to talk to a human being on the other end.

This was the company that I told you about at the Megomeet.  They published the Captain Action Collectors book:


And have published many other books and all of them have to do with Marvel/DC/Gold Key and other comic book companies.  I’ve met Roy Thomas who is in charge of the Alter Ego Magazine that they publish and have emailed Michael Eury the author of the Captain Action Book.  At the time I emailed Michael Eury he had told me that Twomorrows was either starting or thinking about a Mego book…but that was 3 years ago.

It seems that they would be a better outlet for your book…the only problem I see is that I don’t know if they have ever done any Hardcover books.

Give it a shot and see if you can get it done with them.  I and all the guys/gals on the Museum want to see this book in its entirety…so don’t give up on this book.  It looks too DAMN!!! Nice to let it go now.  Let me know if you need any other help.  I’m gonna be going to the Big Apple Comic Con in September.  I’m already putting Mego Museum Cards on the table before you get into the show…if you want me to put some Postcards on the table just say the word and send me some to put on the table and I’ll do it.

Keep up the great work…and DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Roberto Ligotti
yellsub69 (at) yahoo.com

As you probably know, TwoMorrows did in fact publish the book, and it is available as a HARDCOVER edition only (a negotiating hill upon which I was willing to die). Thanks, Roberto! Mego-heads around the world thank you for your generosity and tenacity!

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