17th June 2008


I’m shuttering the blog for good.

There are two years’ worth of blog archives covering the making of the book, as well as plenty of other geek stuff.

It’s been a lot of fun documenting this journey, and I thank you for reading.


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17th June 2008

Contest: What in the (Mego) World?

It’s been almost a month since the last contest (which was reportedly far too easy), so here’s the next What in the Mego World? contest. Hopefully, this one is a little more difficult. Good luck!

What in the (Mego) World?!

Correctly identify each of the following four Mego-related items:

What in the (Mego) World?!

Contest starts at noon EST (9am Pacific) today, June 17, 2008. Eligible answers must be posted in the comments section below. First correct answer wins! Answers will be posted the following day. Previous winners are ineligible. I look forward to your answers.


Update: June 18, 2008 7:30pm PST
The contest has officially ended. To recap:

The Winner

There was no winner

Here we go:

The Anwers

What in the (Mego) World?!

The correct answers are:

  1. Bruce Wayne Suit
  2. Aquaman Gloves (would have accepted Robin Gloves)
  3. Green Goblin Satchel
  4. Detail of Hall of Justice Playset (floor)

Thanks to Jay, Bryan and Scott for playing.


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