12th June 2008

Reminder: Father’s Day is Sunday!

A lot of guys in the hobby are dads themselves, but let’s not forget our own fathers, dads, pops, da-das, daddies, or whatever dumb name you called your old man.

I always called my dad “Ray.”

Long story.

Forgot? No problem. Send dad an Amazon Gift Certificate. They’re cool, plus you support WorldsGreatestToys. Woo-hoo!


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12th June 2008

Mego Price Stickers: Another Scott Adams Mystery!

Recently, Mego-head Scott Adams shared his set of mysteriously identical price stickers. Scott’s pretty sure they are from Service Merchandise.

When Scott submitted those awesome photos, he also sent another price sticker that has me stumped. This sticker, affixed to a MIB Mego Lizard, is utterly mysterious:

Price Sticker

The sticker reads:

  • T
  • 661 36
  • $2.97

P-Range? Prange? Pranget?! Any idea who produced this sticker, thus selling a fine MIB Mego Lizard? Post your comments below. I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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