20th May 2008

I Have A Ghost? Really?!

I am, most definitely, a skeptic. I don’t believe in anything beyond the tangible world, including ghosts, reincarnation, magic, voodoo or religion.

That said, certain events, which started last week, have me second-guessing my beliefs. Individually, these events are fairly innocuous, but combined in such a compressed manner… I just don’t know. Thus far:

Tuesday, May 12, Mid-afternoon: In my office, my desk faces my co-worker, Millie. There is a large window on the wall to my left (Millie’s right), which has Venetian blinds. My peripheral vision catches a group of approximately three blinds moving enough to allow additional light into the room. I immediately look to Millie, who says, “Yeah, I saw that.” We laugh at the strange occurrence.

No explanation.

Wednesday, May 13-May 19: I was on vacation in NYC from last Wednesday until yesterday. Nothing strange happened in New York — or on my first day back at work yesterday (Monday).

Tuesday, May 20 (today): Late morning: I feel something brush against my leg. It reminds me of my cat, Rocket, giving me ‘love dive bombs.’ Ignoring the sensation, I immediately feel it again… bear in mind the sensation is passing through thick blue jeans! Startled, I look down but find nothing.

No explanation.

Returning from lunch, I open the heavy glass door to our office building and begin the long ascent (30+ stairs) to the second floor where my office is located. Near the top steps, I am compelled to turn around (not sure if I heard a sound, but my turning is involuntary). I find that the door at the bottom of the stairs is almost fully open, just beginning to close… typically, by the time I climb the stairs, the door is fully closed.

No explanation.

Arriving home from work tonight, I settle in to browse the Web and answer Email. My cell phone rings, and I immediately recognize the caller as my own cell phone. The number listed is not my name, but rather the actual number (which I will not post here), complete with area code. Hesitantly, I answer the phone. I hear a small ‘wooshing’ sound, and the call ends. I immediately check my “Recent Calls” directory, and find no record of any call.

No explanation.


I’m almost creeped out. Almost.

More if it occurs.

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    LOL. Too funny, Chris!

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