4th April 2008

Daily Mego Adoration: Poster Fun with 1st Issue Gals!

Daily Mego Adoration Here’s our Daily Mego Adoration for Friday, April 4, 2008:

1st Issue Kresge Super-Gals’ Card Backs!

The whole point of my so-called “Poster Fun!” series is to showcase analogous Mego photos that I could not fit into World’s Greatest Toys!

My unabashed adoration of “1st Issue” blister cards is no secret, so I’ll probably devote quite a few Blogs to that particular packaging style. Today, we enjoy the card-backs for each of the 1st Issue/1st Version (Kresge-branded) Super-Gals cards (documented on page 97 of World’s Greatest Toys!). Enjoy!


Gorgeous. Every last one of ‘em. And I dare say they look even more impressive when lined up together.


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