20th March 2008

Daily Mego Adoration: DC “2nd Issue” Cards (part 1)

Here is our Daily Mego Adoration for Thursday, March 20, 2008.
Let’s talk about 2nd Issue Cards!

Mego developed a wide variety of packaging styles for their “World’s Greatest Super-Heroes” toy line, so collectors have embraced nicknames to define each style. The earliest packaging style, which Mego introduced toward the end of 1972, is known as the “Solid” box. Mere months later, Mego modified the “Solid” box by adding a thin, acetate window that allows a view to the toy inside. Such packaging is known as a “Window Box.”

Around the same time, Mego developed a blister card-style of packaging, called “1st Issue” cards. This tall card (6″ x 12″) features a plastic blister that is sealed to the bottom-center of the card.

Sidebar Some collectors still refer to “1st Issue” cards as “Kresge” cards, simply because the term was coined at a time when collectors believed such cards were available exclusively through S.S. Kresge and Kmart stores. Nowadays, collectors know Mego produced plenty of “1st Issue” cards, available through other retailers, that lack any reference to S.S. Kresge. Thus, “1st Issue” is a more accurate nickname for any card that measures 6″ x 12″.

In Spring 1977, Mego ceased production of all boxes and “1st Issue” cards, introducing a new blister card-style of packaging that is wider and shorter than the original card. Measuring 7″ x 10″, the plastic blister is sealed to the bottom-right of each card. Not surprisingly, these cards are known as “2nd Issue” cards.

Sidebar Collectors once referred to “2nd Issue” cards as “Standard” cards, a term that does not recognize the numerous, seminal “1st Issue” card variations. Collectors also once referred to these packages as “U.S.” cards, presumably unaware of the myriad ‘foreign’ packages — available outside of America — which utilize the same packaging style. Thankfully, neither term is used much anymore.

Between Spring 1977 and December 1982 (when Mego cancelled the WGSH line), Mego produced five different “2nd Issue cards” for DC characters in the United States… six, if one includes the truly unique Wonder Woman card, which many collectors assume was developed for the Australian market. While marked “©1977,” the solitary “2nd Issue” Wonder Woman card was evidently produced sometime between Spring 1978 and Spring 1979.

One feature I could not fit into the Mego book (but really wanted to include) is an expository breakdown of the different “2nd Issue” cards. I have received a lot of questions about the different packaging variations Mego produced, so I will use this blog to expand on the information… using tons of pictures, of course.

Today, I will introduce each of the “2nd Issue” DC cards. Of all the DC characters Mego produced, only Batman and Robin represent each of the five U.S.-issued “2nd Issue” cards. I present all five cards in the Robin chapter of World’s Greatest Toys! (page 40 and 41), but now I will add the “2nd Issue” Wonder Woman card, too!

Here are Mego’s “2nd Issue” DC cards, in chronological order of release!

2nd Issue DC Card Variations:
©1976, ©1977a, ©1977b, ©1977c, ©1977 (1978) Wonder Woman, ©1979
Above: ©1976 card front Above: ©1976 card back
Above: ©1977a card front Above: ©1977a card back
Above: ©1977b card front Above: ©1977b card back
Above: ©1977c card front Above: ©1977c card back
Above: ©1978 Wonder Woman card front Above: ©1978 Wonder Woman card back
Above: ©1979 card front Above: ©1979 card back

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Stay tuned: Tomorrow, I will post a blog explaining the defining aspects of each “2nd Issue” DC card. After that, I will post a pictorial blog, demonstrating the differences.

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