26th February 2008

On The Lot at Paramount Studios

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Sometimes I really love living in Southern California. Not only was it gorgeous weather (80+ degrees) today, my boss and I got called into a meeting on the lot at Paramount Studios. We have a pretty big project in the works now, and I’m stoked.

I’d only been on the lot once before. It was months ago and, at the time, they were filming a boating scene for the new Indiana Jones movie, “Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull.” There were cool old boats and actors walking around in period outfits. Right in the middle of the parking lot was a very large pool of water, with a giant sky-mural background.

When we went to our meeting today, I was surprised to see that the ‘pool’ was suddenly filled with Benz’s and Lexus’. When the outdoor “ocean” set is not in use, Paramount drains all the water and uses the space for VIP parking. I noticed you have to have a special badge to gain entry into the Blue Lot.

I thought it was kind of cool to see a giant blue parking lot dug into the ground. Not as cool as seeing it filled with water and witnessing the filming of a movie I’m stoked about. But definitely cool.

This is how the set looked today:


It looks like we’ll be going to the lot quite a bit in the coming months, so I’m really looking forward to what I might still see.

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