29th November 2007

Mego Collectors Editions: They’re Here!

Who’s that knockin’ on my front door? Is it you, Santa?!

I came home tonight to find this lovely sight on my front porch:

Collectors Edition 1

I have been waiting for this delivery for, oh… only a few years now. I knew exactly what it was, and cracked open the first box immediately. As you know, I set out to document the entire process of this book’s publication, camera firmly in-hand. I remain determined to document the good and the bad. Tonight definitely falls under the ‘good’ category.

Collectors Edition 2

The very first Mego Collectors Edition copies have arrived, and I am freakin’ stoked! I am still awaiting shipment of the individual shipping boxes, but in the meantime, I spent the evening finalizing the Certificates of Authenticity and plotting just how I’m going to sign and number each edition. Yep, wasted a few trees there! Heh.

Hey man, this is stressful stuff. I didn’t lovingly create this work of geek art, only to ruin the final product with some nasty denomination and signature scrawled inside the front cover. Hell, that’s gotta look good, too!

Anyway, I expect delivery of the individual shipping boxes tomorrow, after which I will start shipping immediately (Hmph! I may beat Amazon.com deliveries!). To those of you who ordered the Mego Collectors Edition (or as I like to call you, my BFFs), join me in rejoicing the imminent delivery of these puppies! Woo-hoo!

If anyone is interested in acquiring one of these limited Mego Collectors Editions, please know that the publisher has reduced the total run from 250 copies to just 125 copies. The value has increased two-fold, and that’s fine by me. If you would like to get your hands on a Collectors Edition, they are available exclusively from the publisher, TwoMorrows Publications, until they sell out (which, it appears, will be quite soon):

Click here to order the Collectors Edition.
The Mego Collectors Edition package includes:

— (1) certified, signed-and-numbered copy of Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys! (ranging from 001 to 125);

— (1) now-rare copy of the promotional postcard featuring the original book cover. Due to restrictions from DC Comics, this postcard cannot be reprinted;

— (1) end-run copy of John Bonavita’s classic Mego catalog-reprint magazine, an invaluable resource for Mego-heads. Having personally sent me his very last case, John tells me these will never be reprinted.

— A personal note of thanks from me. While I loathe shipping anything, it is important to me that I personally ship each and every copy of the Mego Collectors Edition; I had to fight my publisher on this point. Collector support means everything to me, and for once I’ll be thrilled to hit the post office on my lunch hour!


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26th November 2007

Mego Book: Live Radio Show!

I have been invited to participate in a real-time webcast radio show, to discuss Mego and the book, Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys!

The radio show, “Planet Comic Book Radio” premiers on Perspective Radio and is hosted by Javier Hernandez, creator of El Muerto, a wonderful comic book that was optioned for — and recently released as — a movie (The Dead One) starring Wilmer Valderrama (from That 70s Show, Robot Chicken and MTV’s Yo Momma).

From Javier’s Email:

“Well, here’s a picture of me and Wilmer Valderrama (sporting the Muerto threads!) on the set of the Muerto movie back in 05!”

Wilmer and Javier

It turns out that Javier is a total Mego-head. Complaining to me about his ‘long-lost Jokermobile,’ Javier wants to gas about Mego, comics and my book. And I can’t wait to do it.

The show will happen LIVE at 5pm (PST) on Tuesday December 4th. But here are the details, straight from Javier:

“Okay, technically speaking, folks can tune in LIVE at 5pm on Tuesday, Dec, 4 at www.perspectiveradio.com or, once the show is archived (a day or two later) they can go to the same website and just click and listen whenever they want. I believe it can be downloaded to iTunes/iPods, but let me check on that.”

Needless to say, I’m really pleased and excited. I hope some of you can tune in live. If not, I hope you’ll check Perspective Radio sometime afterward and listen to the show when it’s convenient for you.


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21st November 2007

Mego Holiday: Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season.

I was rammed in a car accident recently, which totaled my car. Everyone involved in the accident is fine and I am driving a new car. So I am thankful.

Everyone in my immediate family is happy and healthy, surrounded by people who love them. So I am thankful.

After four years, the book is completed, printed and currently in delivery. So I am thankful.

For everyone who pre-ordered the book, it appears the book will arrive in plenty of time for the Christmas season. So I am thankful.

But tomorrow, Thanksgiving 2007, I will also give thanks TO YOU for supporting my Mego book project. I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for reading.

By the way, it seems that this year, even the turkeys are getting into the Mego Holiday spirit.

Crazy birds…


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14th November 2007

From Hong Kong to America: The Mego Book Is Here!

This past Monday, my company moved to our new office in “Beautiful downtown Burbank” (as The Tonight Show once referred to it). We’ve spent all week getting acclimated, getting phones and internet set up, and so forth.

Today at work, I got a call on my mobile, from LEGACY COMICS, the comic book shop nearest my house in Glendale, CA.

“Ummm… Mr. Holcomb? Yeah. We got your order in today. Uhhm… Your book? The one about Mego?”

“R-R-Really?” I stuttered. “You have it? It’s out?!” I asked.

“Ummm… yeah. We have it. You can pick it up any time.”

I immediately ran downstairs. Literally, next door to our new office is ASTOUNDING COMICS, run by the legendary Bruce Schwartz (who produces the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention). I introduced myself to Bruce a few days ago, as we were moving into the new office. Telling him about the Mego book, Bruce proudly revealed that he had ordered five copies of the book (I must confess, based on the overall sales at U.S. comic book shops, I didn’t actually believe him).

Bounding excitedly into Astounding Comics, I found Bruce talking to a customer. I paused in the doorway. Bruce looked over the customer’s shoulder and we locked eyes. Holding up one finger to his customer (the universal sign for “wait one second”), Bruce acknowledged my presence, standing to say, “I know what you’re here for.” Bruce pointed toward the third aisle.

It felt somehow processional, as I walked slowly past Bruce and the customer, who clearly had no idea what the fuck was happening.

I rounded the corner of aisle three, and there it was: Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys!

My 256-page, hardbound ‘love letter’ to Mego beckoned to me, and I slowly walked toward it. Lifting the top copy from the shelf, I held it up to Bruce, as if to say, “you mean this?” As if to say, “You think I came to see this stupid thing, the final result of four year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears?”

Bruce smiled.

“There’re only four copies there, because this one’s mine,” Bruce stated, holding up the fifth copy he had ordered for his store.

The customer cocked his head to one side, somewhat confused, like a dog hearing a distant can opener. “That’s the book we were looking at just a few minute ago,” the customer said, intoning confusion.

I melted into the book’s pages as Bruce explained the situation to the customer. And when I say ‘melt,’ I really mean it. I felt the world crushing in around me, surrounding me… swallowing me.

But in a good way.

I finally snapped out of my hedonistic spell to find the customer asking if I would be willing to sign a copy for him.

“… Really?” I asked, not quite sure what was happening. “Yeah, absolutely.” I said. “Let me run back up to my office to get a Sharpie. I’ll be right back.” I ran upstairs and back into our office.

“Was it there?!” Millie hollered anxiously. Millie is an amazing friend and co-worker, and she also maintains the official MySpace Web page for the book.

“Fuck yeah,” I countered. “Get your shit, let’s split.” (I’m kind of sailor-mouthed when I get excited)

Millie and I ran back downstairs to greet the book’s very first customer. “This is Millie,” I announced. “She runs the MySpace Web page for the book,” I explained as I began inscribing the book. Upon completion, the book’s first customer (a sweet guy named Michael, by the way), asked Millie if she would sign her name by her mention in the book’s acknowledgments. Millie was surprised, but happily obliged. Millie’s an awesome, ‘just-go-with-it’ kind of gal.

And just like that, I witnessed two incredible things at once: The very first “end-user” sale of my book, coupled with the humbling request that I inscribe the book I worked so hard to finish. And I got to share the experience with someone who has been there throughout the entire process, putting up with the roller coaster ride this book has provided.

It was all quite magical.

If you ever want to know what “Cloud Nine” actually looks like, shoot me an Email. I’m pretty sure I can describe it to you now.


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3rd November 2007

Local Boy Makes Good

Today was a great day. I checked messages this morning to find an Email from my super-cool brother, Andy. He and his family live in my hometown of Ann Arbor, about 2 miles from my parents and the house we grew up in. His Email explained how he opened the paper (The Ann Arbor News) in the morning to find this article on page 1 of the entertainment section:

Ann Arbor News

I was so thrilled when Entertainment Weekly featured me in their “Obsessive Fan of the Week” feature, but I got a special satisfaction from seeing my book mentioned in the local paper of my hometown. When we were children, my two older brothers and I faithfully delivered The Ann Arbor News for years… in rain and in snow, even on Christmas morning.

To most, being in a small-town local paper wouldn’t be much to write home about. But it is a big deal to me. And besides, ‘home’ wrote to me about it.

After basking in the joy of the News article, I headed over to my buddy Rob’s house. We chowed down on Dim Sum and watched our Wolverines narrowly escape East Lansing with a victory over loathsome Sparty. More importantly, I got to share the very first copy of the finished book, in all its hardbound, color glory. Rob snapped a pic for posterity:

First Bound Edition

A great day all around.


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