24th August 2007

Entertainment Weekly!

Entertainment Weekly!

Check out the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which spotlights author Benjamin Holcomb and his Mego collectibles book, WORLD’S GREATEST TOYS!, in their “Obsessive Fan of the Week!” column.

Here is what Entertainment Weekly said:

When it comes to Mego (the creator of action figures for Marvel Comics and others), Benjamin Holcomb of Glendale, Calif., wrote the book –literally. A longtime buff of the “charming, cloth-costumed superheroes,” Holcomb could never find enough info about the now-defunct toymaker to quell his voracious passion. The solution? Put his social life “on hold for four years” and put pen to paper. “What sets me apart is how my obsession motivated me into life-changing action,” he says. Indeed.

Now, how cool is that?

MEGO 8″ SUPER-HEROES: WORLD’S GREATEST TOYS! hits shelves October 25, 2007 and is published by TwoMorrows Publishing. Lavishly illustrated with charts, checklists and color photographs, MEGO 8″ SUPER-HEROES: WORLD’S GREATEST TOYS! is a 256-page Hardcover extravaganza, costing only $49.95, containing more than 1,100 full color images.

Below, you will find cover blurbs from Chipp Kidd and Brad Meltzer and links to purchase the book.

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“…a stunning visual experience that will leave you weeping like a nine-year old who just misplaced Robin’s removable mask.”

— Chip Kidd, author of Batman Collected

“I’ve waited thirty years for this magical, beautiful book. And now, Benjamin Holcomb has given it to us.”

— Brad Meltzer, author of NY Times Best-Selling The Book of Fate and DC’s Justice League of America

Links to purchase WORLD’S GREATEST TOYS! can be found here:

— TwoMorrows Publishing

Additionally, a special Collectors Edition is available exclusively through TwoMorrows Publishing:

The Collectors Edition includes a signed-and-numbered edition (limited to 250 copies), a full-color promotional postcard featuring an alternate book cover design, and a copy of John Bonavita’s full-color reprint of Mego’s 1972-1982 Super-Hero catalogs.

— Amazon.com (Note: This is the cheapest way to get the book!)

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