8th August 2007

Separated At Birth? Beverly D’Angelo & Mego Invisible Girl

I absolutely adore Mego’s head sculpt of Marvel’s Fantastic Four heroine, Invisible Girl. The Invisible Girl head sculpt is actually one of the “Mego Mysteries” still out there, which is:

“When was this sculpt commissioned, and whom does it represent?”

Most Mego heads are inscribed with licensor copyright information,* revealing when it was sculpted (typically the year before the figure was offered to the public).

Here’s what is interesting about Invisible Girl:

The back of the necks of simultaneously released Fantastic Four characters Thing, Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic are crudely inscribed with the legal notice, “©1975 Marvel C.G.”

However, The back of Invisible Girl’s neck is crudely inscribed with the legal notice, “©1974 Marvel C.G.”. This discrepancy indicates her head was sculpted the year prior to her Fantastic Four teammates. More importantly, the discrepancy suggests the possibility that it was intended for another character.

I’ve always gotten a good chuckle out of Mego’s Invisible Girl head sculpt because, in my opinion, it resembles actress Bevery D’Angelo (of National Lampoon’s Vacation movies and HBO’s Entourage).

It may be a stretch for some to see, so I Googled “Beverly D’Angelo” and found a few reference pictures. With a little Photoshop lovin’, I present Beverly D’Invisible:

Beverly D'Angelo
Mego Invisible Girl
Beverly D'Invisible

* The heads included with Montgomery Ward-exclusive “Secret Identities” outfits, which Mego issued in 1974, often lack discernible copyright information.

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