29th March 2007

Sneak Peek: Green Goblin!

Green Goblin

It seemed like a good time for another sneak peek at the book. Pictured above is the intro (splash) page for the Green Goblin chapter. Enjoy, all you Foes and Gals!


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17th March 2007

Making Of: Anatomy of a Frog Diagram

Nearly every character in the book has a special section, which I have dubbed the “Frog Diagram.” In each character chapter, there is a large picture of the character, surrounded by numerous insets that break down the figures’ accessories… making particular note of accessory variations. I call it the “Frog Diagram,” because it reminded me of the frog dissections many of us enduring during 8th grade biology class.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the incredibly disquieting labor that goes into creating such a section. Naturally, I endeavor to photograph the finest specimens I possibly can. This occasionally requires the complete disassembly of a mint — often never-removed-from-box — Mego Super-Hero from my own collection.

This is heart-wrenching stuff. I handle my figures with absolute kid gloves. I am extremely cautious and gentle. But that doesn’t slow my heart rate as I work to decapitate a Super-Gal, only to find that the dreaded ‘neck melt’ has snagged a good portion of rooted hair in its sticky snare.

Before painstakingly reconstructing this figure to its original state, I thought I’d snap a picture of the wreckage that is… the Frog Diagram.

Anatomy of a Frog: Supergirl

Man, I sure hope you guys dig this book. I’ve taken a lot of risks in putting together the best guide possible!


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12th March 2007

The Official Book Cover

Today we issued the artwork for the front cover of the book:

Book Cover


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