22nd February 2007

Exclusive Postcard No. 2

Yesterday, I posted the initial retailer solicitation that appears in the 2007 TwoMorrows catalog. As we commence the marketing phase, we decided to make a new exclusive postcard, which will be sent to comic book stores (the primary source for the book, which is being distributed exclusively through Diamond).

Today, I want to share artwork for the new post card. Here’s the front:

Post Card (Front)

And here’s the back:

Post Card (Back)

I know it’s hard to read, but the most important words are the thrilling blurbs written by the inimitable Brad Meltzer and the brilliant Chip Kidd. The blurbs are:

“It’s certainly a relief to encounter evidence of another human being who is FAR more obsessed with this sort of thing than I am. Which is saying something. And Benjamin Holcomb channels his near-illegal fascination with these classic toys into a stunning visual experience that will leave you weeping like a nine-year old who just misplaced Robin’s removable mask.”

—Chip Kidd, author of Batman Collected


“I’ve searched comic book conventions for a Human Torch. I’ve scoured flea markets for a Batman with both gloves. I’ve waited thirty years for this magical, beautiful book. And now, Benjamin Holcomb has given it to us. This is the story of an adolescent obsession that masks the greatest quest of all: the quest for youth, a return to childhood, and unarguable proof that the very best thing you can do is rip open the mint box.”

—Brad Meltzer, NY Times Best-Selling author of The Book of Fate and DC’s Justice League of America

As you can imagine, I am truly honored by these funny and touching endorsements, especially coming from two professionals I so deeply admire.


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21st February 2007

Book Being Offered to Retailers!

My publisher, TwoMorrows, recently distributed their 2007 catalog to retailers. Page 7 of this initial offering of upcoming publications features a blurb about Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys!â„¢

Book Soliciation

I think it’s pretty cool.

Back to work now… I’ve got a deadline to meet!


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