"By 1972, Mego was well established in the toy industry. The company had already secured distribution into Australia and Canada, and was in the process of forging sales channels in Great Britain and other countries. Mego acquired comprehensive licenses to produce action figures based upon famous comic book characters, and the creative team set forth immediately, developing prototypes and manufacturing production samples of WGSH. "

— Chapter 4: 1972 — 1st Wave Hereos

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The Wish List of items not yet located for the book has been properly filled. Thanks to everyone who contributed their wonderful toys to this book. If you posess any toys not listed in the book, I hope you will consider making it available for a photo shoot for a possible second edition of the book. If you are interested in participating, please send me an Email. If possible, please attach a JPEG of the item (or items), and be sure to include your contact information.