16th June 2008

Mego Retailers: Stores from the Good ol' Days!

Mego collectors are nothing if not nostalgic. We love to recollect about the good ol' days of youth, sharing tales of now-rare collectibles seen hanging on store shelves at staggeringly affordable prices. Even if our parents thought Mego toys were kind of expensive in the 1970s, those prices are nothing compared to what the toys sell for today. I thought it would be nice to compile a list of retailers that sold Mego toys back in the day. Many of these stores as (sadly) long gone. It's a fun romp through history. Do you remember your favorite toy store?

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Mego Retailers & Price Stickers

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9th May 2008

Mego WGSH Item Numbers!

Should you ever find yourself asking yourself, "Gee, what is the correct Item Number for Mego's assortment of MOC 8-inch Lion Rock Western Heroes?" (#51369), or you get curious as to which Item Number Mego re-used more than any other (#51317)… or perhaps how many times Mego actually used that number (thrice!)… well, this list is indispensable.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Mego WGSH Item Numbers but were afraid to ask didn't really care

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